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SKU: 1022742 We Love You Sally Carmichael

We Love You Sally Carmichael
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  • SKU: 1022742 We Love You Sally Carmichael

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Readers across the world are in love with author Sally Carmichael's record breaking series of romance novels that chronicle the epic love story between a human girl and a merman. No one knows that Sally Carmichael is really Simon Hayes (Christopher Gorham, Covert Affairs), a bitter, serious novelist and Simon would like to keep it that way. But as Simon begins to fall in love with Tess Perkins (Elizabeth Tulloch, Grimm), a beautiful single mother of a daughter who loves Sally Carmichael, and is forced to meet Perry Quinn (Sebastian Roch, Man in the High Castle), an eccentric box office star who wants to headline the movie adaptation of a Sally Carmichael book (but only if he can meet the real Sally), the authors carefully built life of anonymity starts crumbling down around him. Also stars Jack McBrayer (30 Rock) and Paula Marshall (Gary Unmarried).