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SKU: 999212 Lies and Letters

Lies and Letters
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  • SKU: 999212 Lies and Letters

    Ashtyn Newbold

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Charlotte Lyons has ambitions, and she won't let anything come in her way. When her first season in London failed to make her a suitable match, and she failed to win the heir to Willowbourne the following summer, she is desperate to find a titled and wealthy husband, if only to appease her mother. But when her family is struck with financial ruin, the stakes are raised even higher. Sent to the Northern tip of the English coast with her sister, Charlotte faces an uncertain future. Although she is expected to pursue the wealthy earl of the town, Charlotte finds her heart and attention captured elsewhere,,by a kind, mysterious man below her station. Faced with hardship and burdened by lies, will Charlotte ever have a change of heart? Will she choose the dreams she's always planned for, or will she dare to love?