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SKU: 1084740 The Emerald Heart of Courtenay

The Emerald Heart of Courtenay
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  • SKU: 1084740 The Emerald Heart of Courtenay

    Anita Stansfield

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The moment her father takes his final breath, Sarah
Courtenay becomes the sole heir of her family's
sprawling castle and something far more
unexpected. For on his deathbed, Lord Courtenay
left his daughter a cryptic message: a dark curse will
fall upon the house should Sarah fail to obtain and
protect a priceless treasure. Sarah's astonishment
upon discovering the carefully hidden sword
sparkling with jewels is nothing compared to the
shock she feels when she learns the true nature of
her father's death: he was poisoned. And now Sarah
herself might possess something worth killing for.
Desperate to avoid her father's fate, Sarah flees the
only home she's ever known, taking with her a loyal
maid and a hired bodyguard who will stop at
nothing to protect the beautiful woman in his care.
From the safety of a remote farm, Sarah finds a
renewed measure of peace and hope for the future.
But the sinister weapon that glitters amid her
belongings in that small farmhouse beckons a
shadowy enemy, one who will not be deterred from
taking everything from Sarah including her life.