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SKU: 1039498 History of the Saints: Joseph Smiths Nauvoo

History of the Saints: Joseph Smiths Nauvoo
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  • SKU: 1039498 History of the Saints: Joseph Smiths Nauvoo

    Glenn Rawson

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Joseph Smith's Nauvoo: The City Beautiful is the seventh and final season of the acclaimed documentary television series. It has been said that Joseph Smith's life was lived in a crescendo, and indeed the historical record seems to bear that out, for it was in Nauvoo that we see him rise from the dungeon of Liberty Jail to build the glory of Nauvoo. We witness Joseph Smith at the pinnacle of his prophetic ministry, at the prime of his life, establishing his vision of a Zion city with a temple at its heart. In this culminating season, we see the coming forth of great doctrine, revelations, and unforgettable sermons. We see the organization of the Relief Society and the Council of Fifty. There will come the restoration of the temple endowment and of plural marriage, and all the while, Joseph is haunted, hunted, and persecuted by increasingly emboldened enemies seeking his life. We journey with the Prophet from the humble beginnings of Nauvoo to the climactic close of his earthly ministry at Carthage where he, with his brother Hyrum, would seal his mission with his blood. For those who want to understand Church history better, and for those who want to more fully comprehend the mission of the Prophet Joseph Smith as the great revealer of Christ, this collection is a must.