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SKU: 490221 Gifts of Self Esteem

Gifts of Self Esteem
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  • SKU: 490221 Gifts of Self Esteem

    Mary Jane Woodger

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It is a profound and simple truth: the way we feel about ourselves and the happiness we find in this life is largely determined by our possession of spiritual gifts, especially the three most important,faith, hope, and charity.

The prophets Moroni, Paul, and Joseph Smith all received revelations concerning spiritual gifts, and clearly taught that self,esteem is not something we achieve instead, it is a gift that we receive as we grow spiritually.

Drawing on insights from modern prophets and apostles as well as from the standard works, Gifts of Self,Esteem reminds us that the purpose of spiritual gifts is to enlighten and to edify. They are given so we can have peace in this life and feel secure even when we experience disappointment, discouragement, despair, depression, doubt, jealousy, or fear.

Rediscover your inner potential as you recognize and develop faith, hope, charity, and myriad other unique spiritual gifts in your life,a lifelong process that will increase your capacity to not only love your neighbor but to genuinely love yourself.