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SKU: 1033113 Burnheart Redemption

Burnheart Redemption
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  • SKU: 1033113 Burnheart Redemption

    Chelsea Curran

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Sixteen-year-old Adam Garrow ran away when he learned the truth about his father and his inheritance. After six long years away from his family's estate, Adam returns to make amends with his parents and help his brother, Phillip, grow into his role as head of the estate. Before he even makes it to the door, a chance meeting with one Solana Rosenlund his intended from before his self-imposed exile sparks a fire in his heart that will not be quenched. But before they truly get a chance to explore their feelings for each other, Adam is devastated when a head injury results in Solana forgetting that they had ever met. Things only get worse when Phillip's business venture to Morocco is commandeered by pirates. Adam and his friend Ian O'Connor leave England to rescue Phillip, and in doing so discover a sinister plot that threatens the Garrow estate and all those they left at home. Through conspiracy, sabotage, and kidnapping, can all three men survive what fate has thrown at them and find their way back to the women they love?