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SKU: 1300949 Hetty Book 1

Hetty Book 1
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  • SKU: 1300949 Hetty Book 1

    Martha Sears West

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Gentle, imaginative Hetty feels at home with her kindly parents but struggles to find her place in a new school. She takes refuge in her secret forest hideaway. When an accident forces her to rely on others, will Hetty find what it takes to grow up and fit in? And is a mysterious stranger watching over her? 

Hety is the first in book in a "coming of age" series about a gentle-imaginative girl with loving adoptive parents and a natural father. They, and some very special friends, help daydreamer Hetty (ages 7-15) grow up. It is superbly crafted by three-time MCA winning author-illustrator Martha Sears West.