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SKU: 1226881 A Faithful Proposal

A Faithful Proposal
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  • SKU: 1226881 A Faithful Proposal

    Jennie Goutet

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She was born to lead London Society. He could not leave it fast enough.

With a few well-placed words in the right ear, Anna Tunstall can direct anyone to do her bidding, exactly the skill needed for one destined to be the wife of a man in politics. A summer visit to a friend s country estate is the perfect distraction before the London Season begins and Anna can achieve her ambition of a perfect match.

Harry Aston has spurned the noble aspirations of his family to enter holy orders where he might make a difference in people s lives. His mother s untiring attempts to find him a wife worthy and wealthy enough to suit him only serve to set up his back. He has never been in love, and she should not think that suitable wives dropped down from heaven, especially not in the village of Avebury.

When Harry finds Anna unconscious on the road, and she awakens in his arms, his world shifts at her gaze. But before he can think that heaven has come through at last, he must convince Anna that her prolonged stay in Avebury is not fate s way of toying with her, but rather opening her eyes to a new direction for her ambitions and her heart.