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SKU: 1089172 Wizard For Hire Book 2 Apprentice Needed

Wizard For Hire Book 2 Apprentice Needed
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  • SKU: 1089172 Wizard For Hire Book 2 Apprentice Needed

    Obert Skye

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In book one of the series, Ozzy saw the classified ad in his local paper for a Wizard for Hire and discovered there was a wizard right in Portland, Oregon. Ozzy was relieved when the wizard, Rin, agreed to help him find his kidnapped scientist parents, though the search was a wild series of close calls the closer they got to the truth. And although Rin had plenty of wise sayings, Ozzy doubted that Rin was an actual wizard. Now, on one dark and windy night, Ozzy steps out of bed, jumps out his window, and walks straight into the ocean. It's as if someone is controlling Ozzy's mind. More than ever, Ozzy could really use the services of the Wizard for Hire. As fate would have it, Rin appears just in time. But Rin's goal is more than a rescue mission: he needs an apprentice to cement his status and notoriety in the magical realm of Quarfelt assuming the place even exists. Apprentice Needed is about living to your full potential. It is about the bond between a wizard, his daughter, his new apprentice, and their companion robot bird. It is about finding wonder, accepting heartache, and living with all the possibilities both may bring. It is a story filled with humor and excitement that can show us the magic in everyday things.