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SKU: 621762 When Times are Tough

When Times are Tough
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  • SKU: 621762 When Times are Tough

    John Bytheway

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Earth life has been characterized as a series of tests, trials, temptations, and tragedies, but through the gospel and the scriptures, our Heavenly Father has given us answers that will help us survive and find joy in the midst of our troubles. So writes bestselling author John Bytheway in When Times Are Tough. In this uplifting book for all ages, the author shows how power, hope, and perspective are found in the scriptures. In addition to identifying five scriptures that will help us get through difficult time, John offers scriptural insights that will strengthen marriages, improve family relationships, build faith, and motivate to action. In his distinctive way, John explains how we can be lifted by the gospel when times are easy and lean on the gospel "when times are tough. "