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SKU: 662093 Walking on Water and Other Classic Messages

Walking on Water and Other Classic Messages
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  • SKU: 662093 Walking on Water and Other Classic Messages

    S. Michael Wilcox

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For several years, bestselling author S. Michael Wilcox has been a favorite presenter at BYU Education Week, Time Out for Women events, and adult religion classes. His popular talks on represent some of his most inspiring and profound work and have generated countless requests for printed transcripts of these classic addresses. Now these timeless talks have been transcribed, edited by the author, and compiled into a single volume.

Included in this volume are the classic talks Walking on Water The Jesus We Need to Know Of Lions, Dragons, and Turkish Delight The Fourth Watch Seeing as God Sees When All Eternity Shook Your Faith Becometh Unshaken and Taking the Temple with You.

Brother Wilcox's familiar, erudite style shines through in every chapter, bringing new light and life to familiar scripture stories and doctrines. Readers of Walking on Water will find what it means to be "King Noah,blind" (and how to avoid it), what the connection is between lions, dragons, and Turkish delight, and just what kind of God we worship. Readers will also find out how to deal with faith,shaking experiences in their lives, how to respond to requests from the Lord that seem impossible to accomplish, and how to strengthen their testimonies, brick by brick. Walking on Water truly has something for everyone, whether a new convert to the gospel, wondering where to go next, or a gospel scholar, looking for new insights into timeless themes.