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SKU: 585996 The Blessings of Abraham

The Blessings of Abraham
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  • SKU: 585996 The Blessings of Abraham

    E. Douglas Clark

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Why study the life of Abraham? What does a man who died nearly four thousand years ago have to do with Latter,day Saints today? In a word, everything. Abraham is our forefather whose covenant we have inherited. Therefore, we are heirs to the abundant blessings of protection and exaltation given him. Abraham's mission is our mission. His life is truly a powerful pattern and invitation for us to come unto Christ. Abraham's life is a story of high drama, set in a dark and decadent world much like our own. It's a tale of grave danger and divine deliverance, deep anguish and overwhelming joy. It's also one of the world's greatest love stories. To tell Abraham's story, it is essential to include Sarah. Together Abraham and Sarah built Zion, and together they should be remembered by their righteous posterity who aspire to build Zion. Drawing on rich sources, including restored scripture, the words of modern prophets, ancient and modern scholars, rabbinic texts, the Qu'ran, early Christian writings, and more, this important volume tells the story of Abraham in a way that will be both meaningful and inspiring to Latter,day Saints. Here is his story,and ours.