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SKU: 46008 Temple & Cosmos Vol 12

Temple & Cosmos Vol 12
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  • SKU: 46008 Temple & Cosmos Vol 12

    Hugh Nibley

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From the beginning of time, the temple has been the link between the chaos and dissolution of this temporal world and the beauty and permanence of the eternal realms. As Hugh Nibley explains, "The temple is a scale model of the universe. The mystique of the temple lies in its extension to other worlds; it is the reflection on earth of the heavenly order, and the power that fills it comes from above. "

In Temple and Cosmos, Brother Nibley explains the relationship of the House of the Lord to the cosmos. In "Temple," the first part of the volume, he focuses on the nature, meaning, and history of the temple, discussing such topics as sacred vestments, the circle and the square, and the symbolism of the temple and its ordinances. In the second part, "Cosmos," he discusses the cosmic context of the temple, the expanding gospel, apocryphal writings, religion and history, the genesis of the written word, cultural diversity in the universal church, and the "terrible questions": Where did we come from? Why are we here? and Where are we going?. . .