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SKU: 1056402 Teancum the Ghost Soldier Part 2

Teancum the Ghost Soldier Part 2
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  • SKU: 1056402 Teancum the Ghost Soldier Part 2

    Jason Mow

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Jason Mow brings to an exciting conclusion the epic story of Teancum. He pledged his life to protecting the innocent and to the destruction of evil men and made the ultimate sacrifice in the name of freedom. With sweeping landscapes, characters of depth and dimension (both real and fictional), and a deep understanding of the emotions and moral conflicts only someone who has fought in war can express, Jason exposes the reader to a side of humanity few will ever see. Readers will enjoy a story full of triumph and tragedy, honor and betrayal, hope and deep despair.

Youth (ages 10 and up) and adults will be inspired by the courageous examples of Teancum, Captain Moroni, Captain Lehi, and the other Christian heroes in Teancum: The Ghost Soldier. These were real men facing real challenges. They overcame adversity by obedience to God and fought to defend their faith, families, and freedom.