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SKU: 997614_P Supreme Power

Supreme Power
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  • SKU: 997614_P Supreme Power

    Ted Stewart

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A fascinating look at how much power the Supreme Court actually has and how far,reaching the consequences of some of their decisions can be. What do bakers working hours have to do with abortion rights? What role did the Supreme Court play in sanctioning racism, in moving power away from the states toward the federal government, in banning religion from the public arena? How did the Supreme Court become supreme? These questions, and others like them, are answered in this engaging exploration of seven Supreme Court decisions that had a major impact on the shaping of the United States of America. Federal district court judge Ted Stewart brings expert analysis to his discussion of these court cases, raising the question of whether the Founders of this country intended for a handful of unelected officials to have the power wielded by the Supreme Court today. Regardless of where they find themselves on the political spectrum, readers will be fascinated by these glimpses into the inner workings of the judicial system.