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Screen Savvy
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  • SKU: 999588 Screen Savvy

    Ryan J Anderson

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Has your digital life become your reality
7. 3 percent of the estimated 2. 4 billion Internet users in 2013 were considered addicts. As smartphone use increases and more apps and games are developed, those numbers continue to rise.

With a PhD in medical family therapy and having spent nearly a decade working with video game designs, Ryan J. Anderson has seen the good and bad that comes from gazing at our screens. In this enlightening and entertaining book, he shows how we can avoid excessive, obsessive, and addictive relationships with the digital world so we can live a rich and engaging life online and offline.
learn how to
Protect yourself against Internet addiction and the illusion of online privacy Identify destructive aspects of social media, video games, and in,app purchases Uncover addictive techniques in video games, such as level grinding and twitch gaming

Use Anderson's advice to analyze your own screen habits and nd a healthy balance between the digital and physical worlds. "Ryan Anderson takes a potentially dry subject and turns it into a compelling read with stories, metaphors, and a razor,sharp sense of humor. The subject matter is well researched, organized, and chock,full of common sense arguments and real,life experiences to support the points. The author clearly knows his subject matter and breaks it down in a way that is understandable and useful to the reader. The reader comes away with a practical guide to understanding and managing the various forms of electronic media in his life. Well done all around! " Dr. Sam Joel Coates, MD, addiction psychiatrist for youth