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SKU: 984058 Mother to Mother Booklet

Mother to Mother Booklet
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  • SKU: 984058 Mother to Mother Booklet

    Ganel-Lyn Condie

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Motherhood can be fraught with questions, fears, and feelings of inadequacy. While there is no guidebook for enduring the ups and downs of parenting, the scriptures are full of accounts of faithful women who went through some of the same trials mothers face today. And who better to encourage a Latter,day mother through her struggles than one who has been there herself? From the generous Widow of Zarephath, who demonstrated faith in the face of great difficulty, to Mother Eve, who endured the trial of a rebellious child, to Ruth, who cared for her mother,in,law, brave scripture mothers who faithfully traversed the path of parenthood provide lessons that can give latter,day women strength.