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Christus Statues

Jesus is the son of God and a true representation of all that is good in this world. His devotion to his Father, as well as the example that he gave us through his ministry here on earth, provide the perfect roadmap to how we should strive to live our lives. Our collection of Christus statue LDS decor makes it easy for you to have beautiful, faith-centered decor in your home so that you can be reminded of the matchless love he has for you.

With a variety of different sizes, it’s easy to find a Christus statue to fit any space in your home. Creating opportunities to remind yourself and your loved ones to live a Christ-centered life is easier than ever with our beautiful, bright statues of Christ. Whether its to put on display in your own home or you’re looking for a faith-filled gift to give a family member or loved one, these Christus statue LDS pieces are the perfect way to go.

Explore our collection of Christus statues today and find the perfect item to help you to always feel the love of our Savior.