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SKU: 1090819 Lamb & Lion

Lamb & Lion
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  • SKU: 1090819 Lamb & Lion

    City Of Enoch

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Lamb & Lion is City of Enoch's follow-up to their successful debut album Sweet Redeemer. This album marks an exciting new chapter for the band. They use their signature three-part harmonies and catchy melodies to present a brilliant concept album: six peaceful and contemplative songs (the Lamb half of the album), and six rousing, exciting, and motivating songs (the Lion half of the album). These two sides of the album mirror two sides of the gospel: it provides deeply personal inner peace and spiritual strength, as well as excitement and motivation to rise to the occasion and help others come to Zion. Track List Hands Scars Jerusalem Who You Are All Creatures of Our God and King The Calm Zion Reach Reign Anyway Beautiful A Poor Wayfaring Stranger