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SKU: 1076578 Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln

Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln
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  • SKU: 1076578 Joseph Smith and Abraham Lincoln

    Ron Anderson

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In unprecedented detail, this book explores the two toxic flaws that were baked into the original Constitution of 1789. Flaws which compelled Joseph Smith, Jr. to run for the office of President in 1844. Standing before the highest leaders of the land, Joseph Smith prophetically declared that "vexing" tribulations that would visit this nation if they did not make the provisions required to correct these damnable flaws. Inasmuch as Joseph the Prophet was assassinated in the attempt, another "humble instrument in the Hands of God," was raised up to complete the work that Joseph would have corrected had he been elected and allowed to tarry. That man was Abraham Lincoln. "A profound illumination on Joseph Smith's inspirational and dramatic run for President of the United States, filled with the weighty purpose of safeguarding religious liberty. " Timothy Ballard Founder of Operation Underground Railroad and bestselling author "Andersen resurrects the wisdom of two giants of the commendable work for those who desire to sustain and defend religious liberty. " Ryan C. Jenkins Author of The Assassination of Joseph Smith: Innocent Blood on the Banner of Liberty