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SKU: 121415 Earth In the Beginning

Earth In the Beginning
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  • SKU: 121415 Earth In the Beginning

    Eric N. Skousen

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Tracing the earth's origins from long before it came into existence, this book explores in vivid detail each important event that occurred until mortality began for Adam and Eve. The author also examines the surprising and significant effects of the Fall on the earth itself.

It was not until the original writings of Moses and Abraham were restored that modern students of the earth's creation story were in a position to begin assembling the illuminating facts that are presented in this book.

For those who enjoy contemplating both the findings of science and the revelations of God, this will be an extremely stimulating and provocative study.

Among the questions addressed and answered in this book are:
Where did the earth's creation take place? Who participated?
Did the creation take 6,000 years or millions of years?
How did life begin on the earth? How did it develop?
Where did the dinosaurs come from? Why were they here?
Did human beings live on the earth before the arrival of Adam and Eve?
What really happened in the Garden of Eden?
Are there evidences of God's handiwork in the rock record of the earth?
Are there answers to the unresolved questions of earth scientists in God's revealed record of the creation?
Why did the Fall have such important astronomical and geological implications for the earth?
And finally: What we hear in church about the creation doesn't always match what we learn in school—or does it?