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SKU: 770446 A Royal Guardian

A Royal Guardian
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  • SKU: 770446 A Royal Guardian

    Jodi Marie Robinson

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For Princess Brina’s twelfth birthday, she receives a special gift from her father, the king: a shiny gold charm bracelet symbolizing Brina’s new role as a Guardian of eight precious values, each represented by a gemstone charm. As she accepts the gift, Brina promises that if the bracelet ever needs repair, she will seek help from her older brother, the prince who guards the Living Spring at the mountain pass. But as she acquires the charms, Brina realizes her responsibility is more weighty than she thought - and when carelessness leads to trouble, she fears that even her brother cannot make things right. Only as she follows the prince on a challenging and revealing journey does Brina learn for herself that kept promises bring great blessings, that love can heal what is broken, and that royal destiny is achieved by choice.