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SKU: 1233841 Glimpsing Eternity

Glimpsing Eternity
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  • SKU: 1233841 Glimpsing Eternity

    Dwight E. Monson

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This is a unique and ambitious book that draws upon scripture and previously published materials to contrast temporal perceptions with the larger reality of God's economy. The basic premise is that we live each day in a very real world of constrained reality that operates within a larger reality, what I call the economy of God. And when we access this larger reality, we see things more completely; as they are, as they were, and as they are to come. This book is based on extensive research and profound personal reflection, but its deep insights become very accessible and immediately relevant due to a generous sprinkling of anecdotes and personal stories. Each chapter is anchored in at least one riveting account that renders the subject engaging and applicable in our daily spiritual journey.