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SKU: 1026092 You are Already Walking on Water

You are Already Walking on Water
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  • SKU: 1026092 You are Already Walking on Water

    Ganel-Lyn Condie

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"Do you believe that Peter really walked on water?" Ganel,Lyn Condie answers, "Absolutely! And you are also walking on water every day. " Through simple yet powerful application of scripture stories and moving personal experience, Ganel,Lyn reminds you that the Savior wants to have a personal place in your life and your heart. Not only can you find healing, like the woman with the issue of blood, but you can also find real hope in walking with Christ each day. His grace can help you with the difficult and overwhelming parts of life. When you get discouraged, remember that like Peter, you can and are walking on water with Christ. Sinking and rising is part of the process of this life. Instead of giving up, you can keep reaching up and holding on to God until you are walking on water again. Ganel,Lyn shares heartfelt thoughts that will renew motivation and provide new insights into scripture stories you have heard countless times. You are never alone, and you are loved exactly as you are, whether you have broken parts or feel the power of God's healing. Laugh, learn, and maybe even cry a little as you realize "you are already walking on water" every day!