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SKU: 1021356 Yes Mormons are Christians

Yes Mormons are Christians
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  • SKU: 1021356 Yes Mormons are Christians

    Elder Gary Coleman

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What is it about the LDS Church that causes it to be one of the fastest growing Christian churches in the world today in a day when religious institutions and values are deteriorating all about us? This book is designed to highlight and clarify the teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. It will lead you, the reader, to new discoveries about who you really are, why are are here on earth and what you can become. The writer is himself an adult convert to the Mormon Church. He was destined for the robes of the priesthood in the Roman Catholic Church, but instead ended up as a General Authority in the LDS Church. How is this possible? How could he embrace Mormonism after being so dedicated to Catholicism? He explains it all herein. It is the writer's earnest intent and hope to discuss the relationships of truth to mortal life and well as your eternal life. This book is intended for non,members or investigators or new members to obtain the basic principles of the restored Gospel. Written from a convert's point of view, in an easy,to,understand style that both uplifts and inspires.