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SKU: 91909 Willpower Is Not Enough

Willpower Is Not Enough
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  • SKU: 91909 Willpower Is Not Enough

    A. Dean Byrd, Mark D. Chamberlain

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We've all known the struggle of trying to change. We grit our teeth, clench our fists, and exert all our willpower to overcome bad habits, attitudes, or lifestyles. And all too often we fail.

Why are most of us so weak? Why do we grapple with the same problems day after day, year after year? Willpower Is Not Enough gives a convincing and enlightening answer: we weren't meant to overcome weaknesses by willpower alone. In fact, willpower is actually one of the least effective weapons in our arsenal of change.

When we seek to change through willpower, we enlist the power of our conscious minds to help with our problems. But most problems of self-control are not problems of the mind. They're problems of the heart—problems of desire, feeling, and emotion. And when the heart and the mind get into a battle, neither one wins.

This book does more than just explain why we don't succeed at change. It also takes us step-by-step through the process of enlisting the powers of the heart. It tells how to find the motivating power of the heart, how to recognize and nourish the good in the heart, and how to come to a mighty change in heart. Willpower Is Not Enough helps us discover the feelings of our hearts so we can finally resolve our problems with self-control.