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SKU: 929882 Where Heaven Meets You

Where Heaven Meets You
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  • SKU: 929882 Where Heaven Meets You

    Virginia H. Pearce

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The sacred moments we experience can turn locations in our lives into special places where heaven meets earth. In this 2016 Mother's Day booklet, author Virginia Pearce describes how the experiences we have with the Lord and His angels in these "thin places" stay with us throughout life.

Sister Pearce explains, "A thin place is . . . where we experience a deep sense of God's presence in our everyday world. A thin place is where, for a moment, the spiritual world and the natural world intersect. " Regardless of our age or situation, we can find places and create homes where we might feel heaven's influence reaching out to us with guidance comfort, and inspiration. Home can, indeed, be a place where heaven meets you.