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SKU: 1075588 What Every Mormon Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew

What Every Mormon Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew
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  • SKU: 1075588 What Every Mormon Wife Wishes Her Husband Knew

    Mike Frazier

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Feel Confident and Connected in Your LDS Marriage At its best, marriage is a wonderful, amazing thing, filled with passion, romance and deep connection. Unfortunately, it's not always like this. We can feel angry, having the same arguments over and over. We can feel unsupported, unappreciated, and unloved. This can lead to us feeling lonely in our marriage, when more than anything we want to be connected to our spouse. Inside this book you'll learn what you can do to start creating real confidence and deep connection in your LDS marriage. You'll learn: -How to talk to so your spouse will listen -How to listen so your spouse will talk -What Mormon wives most request from their husbands (it's probably not what you think)- How to effectively show and receive love- How to get everyone to work around the house without nagging How to be irresistible to your wife (it starts way before the bedroom) How to reach an agreement when it seems impossible My name is Mike Frazier. I majored in neuroscience at BYU, got my MD degree at UCLA, and am a practicing LDS psychiatrist. I've been cited in Men's Journal, RedBook and the U. S. News and World Report. You'll learn some of the things that have helped couples I've worked with in the book. I'll also share personal stories with you from my own marriage. But, you won't have to rely solely on my personal or professional experience as you read. Nearly 500 Mormon wives contributed to creating this book by answering important and deep questions about what they wanted from their husbands. The answers they gave were outstanding, and in some cases, surprising. Also, many were hysterical. You'll hear their voices in quotes throughout this book. By the end of the book, you'll understand what it takes to create an amazing mental, emotional, physical and spiritual connection in your LDS marriage. I'm excited to present this book to you, so jump in and start creating the marriage that you want to last forever. Mike Frazier, MD P. S. For tools to implement what you read, visit HelpingLDSfamilies. com/resources and take your results to the next level.