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SKU: 984478_P Whatever Happened to Faith?

Whatever Happened to Faith?
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  • SKU: 984478_P Whatever Happened to Faith?

    Robert L. Millet

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Exercising faith isn't easy to do in our day. We live in a world that is drenched in secularity, where religion is being pushed to the margins of society. Loyalty to scriptural teachings, adherence to time,honored values, and belief in absolute truths seem to be in short supply. When we are troubled by new historical information, false anti,Mormon propaganda, the Church's position on marriage, family, and gender issues, or other concerns, we need to take a step back and ask ourselves, "When did we lose our believing hearts and confidence in the Lord's servants? "Whatever happened to faith?" From Robert L. Millet, author of Living in the Eleventh Hour and Grace Works, comes powerful answers to those soul,stirring questions. This timely book is all about faith,,what it is, what it isn't, and how we may remain solid and steadfast in our beliefs and convictions. It is a call to pay little heed to the way society is moving and an invitation to be a part of the counterculture of faith and devotions. Therein is safety. Therein is peace.