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SKU: 1047813 Watch and Be Ready

Watch and Be Ready
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  • SKU: 1047813 Watch and Be Ready

    Brent L Top

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So much is said about the Second Coming and the signs of the times'but what information can we really trust, and how can we be ready? Watch and Be Ready teaches that if we are spiritually prepared, not only will we not fear we'll look forward to the event with joy and anticipation because we will be ready to participate in the Second Coming'whether from this world or the other side. A popular speaker at BYU Education Week and other events and firesides, Brent L. Top ' teaches us to focus less on when the event will take place and more on how we are living in preparation for it. ' reviews key scriptures and parables about the Second Coming to help us understand what we need to know in our day. ' shows how daily spiritual preparedness blesses us and our families right now, not just at the Second Coming.