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SKU: 550444 Understanding the Signs of the Times

Understanding the Signs of the Times
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  • SKU: 550444 Understanding the Signs of the Times

    Donald W. Parry

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The Lord has warned about the events of the last days: 'All things shall be in commotion and surely, men's hearts shall fail them for fear shall come upon all people' (D&C 88:91). But elsewhere he has given us this comforting assurance: 'If ye are prepared ye shall not fear' (D&C 38:30).

Who has not contemplated the cataclysmic events that will precede and be a part of the Savior's second coming and wondered how the prophesied conditions will play out? Are the catastrophes and calamities we hear about in the daily news the fulfillment of prophecy? What blessings to the righteous will counterbalance the judgments on the wicked?

In this book, authors Donald W. Parry and Jay A. Parry take a balanced, reasoned look at the signs of the times and what the scriptures reveal about events of the last days. Drawing upon the writings of latter,day prophets, they explain, clarify, and put into context the events that have been foretold by both ancient and modern seers.