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SKU: 969376 To Suit a Suitor

To Suit a Suitor
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  • SKU: 969376 To Suit a Suitor

    Paula Kremser

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Julia North is at a ball in her third London season when she is jilted. Again. With her younger sister announcing her engagement that night, all Julia wants is to escape London and marriage altogether. But when she meets Henry Chamberlain, the most eligible (yet emotionally unavailable) bachelor of Barrington, both Julia and Henry's attempts to avoid suitors has them re,evaluating life and love. Fall in love all over again in this delightful regency romance. EXCERPT Lord Montague, the Earl of Halifax, had been debating for a month now what he should do. Today he had finally made his decision. He would propose marriage to Marianne North. As he had thought over the pros and cons of his decision, the pros had finally won out. She was a widow with a lively personality and endless connections. She was pretty, but more important, she agreed with almost everything he said. With so much in common, he felt she was a good choice. He himself was a widower twice over and he preferred being married. He had been without a countess by his side for the last several years and he found it difficult sometimes socially not to have a wife to act as hostess as he moved about politically. There were cons to marrying Marianne North as well, but with a little patience, he could maneuver his way out of those.