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SKU: 662260 The Tree of Life

The Tree of Life
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  • SKU: 662260 The Tree of Life

    John W. Welch

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No image of eternal life is more powerful or persistent than the tree of life. From the paradisiacal Garden of Eden to the apocalyptic New Jerusalem, the tree of life dominates the landscape, being mentioned explicitly more than two dozen times in the Latter,day Saint scriptural canon and alluded to many other times therein. From the temple to the cross, the symbol of the tree of life invites all to come unto Christ, to become planted by rivers of living water, and to bring forth and enjoy the fruits of God's love that are sweet above all else. This highly informative and beautifully illustrated book contains original essays by leading Latter,day Saint scholars and scholars of other faiths,including Donald W. Parry, Daniel C. Peterson, Andrew C. Skinner, John W. Welch, and Margaret Barker,that focus on the tree of life symbol in the Bible, early Christianity, and the Book of Mormon, as well as in Southeast Asian, Islamic, and Maya temples, cultures, and art.