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SKU: 772891 The Spirit of Liberty

The Spirit of Liberty
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  • SKU: 772891 The Spirit of Liberty

    Suzanne Freeman

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We entered a broad corridor with a wide,planked hardwood floor, polished to a high sheen. Voices came from a room off to one side. When we pushed open the door, I saw George Washington standing behind a podium, addressing some of his peers from mortality, including many of the signers of the Declaration of Independence.

Thus began Suzanne Freeman's visit with America's Founding Fathers during a near,death experience. While in the Spirit World, she was shown the tribulations and sacrifices these men and women had faced during their lifetimes as they established the United States of America. She also learned that these valiant leaders still care deeply about America and are concerned about the direction the country is headed.

As Suzanne's visit with the Founders concluded, she was given a vision of America's future,our future. It was made clear to her that while there would be challenging times ahead, America could retain its place as a chosen land if the citizens truly desire it. The Founders pleaded with Suzanne to return to earth and share their message of how we must strengthen our nation before it is too late.

As you read their words, the Spirit of Liberty will grow within your own soul and give you hope that America's future can indeed remain bright.