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SKU: 1072037 The Princess and the Pesky Pea

The Princess and the Pesky Pea
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  • SKU: 1072037 The Princess and the Pesky Pea


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Ivee's parents passed away when she was a young child. Her aunt became her guardian and took Ivee five hundred miles away from her hometown of Shelley, Idaho. Many years later, at age nineteen, Ivee has returned to Shelley to do her student teaching in the one-room school.
But Ivee finds herself out of her element in a small town she barely remembers and where she doesn't fit in. Eventually, however, she connects with her students and becomes entranced with Lance, a boy around her same age who often disappears for days at a time. When Ivee decides to investigate and follow him after she finds a trail of peas, she passes through a magic door. She learns that Lance is a prince and betrothed to a faraway princess.

Ivee tries to deny her feelings for the prince and believes she doesn't belong in a castle anyway. When fate leads her to the castle, she learns that there are also other people who don't want her there and will do anything to keep her away. Doubting what to believe, Ivee seeks to see if she is just an orphan from Idaho or a true princess at heart.

It could never be . . . or could it? It all started with a pesky little pea.