The Governess

The Governess

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    The Governess
    By Kristen McKendry
    Independent young Kate Porter envisions a future far greater than the middle-class existence she's always lived, and her work as a governess is simply a means to an end. The glittering world of a society wife calls, and her new position as a private tutor for the children of Mr. Alonzo Colaco is a step in the right direction.

    Instead of the mansion she anticipated, Kate finds herself living in the woods in a refitted train car and teaching the charming children of Alonzo, a tinker by trade. After trying in vain to secure another job, Kate is left with little choice. She must simply bide her time until a better position presents itself. Before long, however, she finds herself abandoning her petticoats and preconceptions in favor of the joys of a simple life—and the possibility of true love. But when opportunity knocks, will Kate really be ready to walk away from all she's come to care for to pursue her high-society dreams?
    The Governness
    The Governess is an awesome historical fiction tale which will keep the reader guessing, through most of the book, how it will end... However, if you pay close attention, there is a hint midway through the book. This is story of a wealthy, independent woman  who lost her parents when she was a young girl and was taken in by relatives to raise in society. Although they were good to her, their words were degrading and they never let her forget their charity she was undebated to them for. She was now pass the proper marriageable age and had no dowry so would likely not be asked. She defied her cousins one day by leaving a note and venturing off on her own to seek employment as a lady's maid or governess. She had answered an advertisement and was hired but for various reasons, she ended up going from one job to another in a short period of time. Hungry and discouraged, she was almost going to have to swallow her pride and return to her cousins "charity". Deciding to splurge with her last coins, she went into an upscale Tea House for one good meal. Sitting alone in a crowded room, she was joined by a strangely, yet, nicely dressed man. She was desperate or she would not have allowed him into talking her into being a Governess for his two children. Although he played the part of a gentleman, devoted to his children, it was evident he was not of the social standing she entertained. But little di she know until too late what she got herself into! This novel has a lot of humorous adventure in it, plus, a lot of key topics. In this day of unrest and judgement, it would be beneficial to many to read it. Katherine (the Governess) was raised in a time of strict social rules. To not obey them would bring rejection and becoming repudiated by even loved ones. Katherine had a "level head" so tried to use the values she had been taught in making her choices...Choices which could destroy her if anyone found out. Along with occasional humor, there is a lot of strong sentiment and you may need a tissue box close by in parts of this story. The characters are very human and "alive". The scenes are portrayed well and easily envisioned. *I was gifted a free book by the publisher but this is my honest review without any reason to feel obligated otherwise.
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