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SKU: 319256 Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites

Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites
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  • SKU: 319256 Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites

    Chris Heimerdinger

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Jim Hawkins has a bad attitude. What's more, he enjoys having a bad attitude about everything,,especially about church.

Garth Plimpton is a fanatic. He's spent so much time studying the scriptures and thick books on archaeology that that he can't carry on a normal conversation with other kids. That's why they consider him a nerd.

Through an unusual chain of events, these two opposites become fast friends. It all began when Garth told Jim a simple truth: "They really existed once, you know. "

"Who?" Jim asked.

"Nephites," Garth replied. "Every character in the Book of Mormon ate, slept, died, was buried . . . "

That statement, taken for granted before, would soon echo deeply in the two boys' minds,,because they were on the trail of a chilling secret.