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SKU: 338004 Spiritual Lightening

Spiritual Lightening
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  • SKU: 338004 Spiritual Lightening

    M. Catherine Thomas

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Challenges are a necessary part of mortality. But as author M. Catherine Thomas points out, the suffering that accompanies challenges can be lessened and our joy increased through a more informed faith. Her concepts of "spiritual lightening" suggests that spiritual principles and powers can both enlighten minds and lighten burdens.

Practical as well as refreshingly insightful, this book illuminates many of those principles. Working from a base of solid gospel scholarship and personal experience, the author discusses such topics as the difference between self-confidence and confidence in God, overcoming spiritual discouragement, women and the priesthood, separating fear from love in parenting, and healing through repentance. This thought-provoking book points the way to deeper understanding, personal peace, and joy in the Lord Jesus Christ.