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SKU: 44318 Since Cumorah Vol 7

Since Cumorah Vol 7
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  • SKU: 44318 Since Cumorah Vol 7

    Hugh Nibley

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Drawing upon a multitude of Hebrew, Coptic, and early Christian Texts, Dr. Nibley looks at both the background and the text of the Book of Mormon. He compares the Book of Mormon with the Bible, the Apocrypha, and the records of the primitive church and related or apostate groups. He examines it philologically that is, he examines its language and literature and their relationship. He deals with a number of scientific questions that it poses. Historically, he covers major events, such as the great earthquake prophetic figures, such as Zenos and wars, especially during the military career of Moroni. Finally, he discusses the Book of Mormon as prophesy: its themes, warnings, and promises.