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SKU: 1084856 Silent Souls Weeping

Silent Souls Weeping
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  • SKU: 1084856 Silent Souls Weeping

    Jane Clayson Johnson

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Through the power of story, nationally recognized journalist Jane Clayson Johnson shines a light on the desperate, dark, and lonely reality faced by those who struggle with clinical depression. At once hopeful and heart-wrenching, Silent Souls Weeping examines the stigma and isolation associated with depression, as well as the dangers of perfectionistic tendencies and suicidal ideation. Beginning with an open and frank exploration of her own experience with clinical depression, the author goes on to share stories gathered from interviews with more than 150 men, women, and teens all members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who have suffered from depression.

Within these stories is a plea to change the dialogue surrounding depression, particularly among Latter-day Saints, who face unique struggles as they try to fit a disease manifest through sorrow into a religion centered on a "plan of happiness. "

"The worst part of depression," writes the author, "is the profound isolation it engenders, not just from the Spirit but from family, friends, and community. " Sharing our stories is the first step toward ending that isolation. This important book opens the door for a new level of honesty and helpfulness, both for those who suffer from depression and for their family members, friends, and Church leaders