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SKU: 1040456 Silent Sermons

Silent Sermons
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  • SKU: 1040456 Silent Sermons

    Shannon Turner Monroe

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"My mind was racing with the 'what ifs' and the 'how comes, ' and I was paralyzed with worry. I pleaded for answers. I longed for an empathetic mom friend who was living, breathing proof that I could and would get through this. " Silent Sermons is a unique emotional combination of heart,wrenching and heartwarming experiences of an ordinary mom and her young family who have continued to be game for the learning in life, as well as through the death of their precious daughter/sister. Mallory, the gorgeous little girl with the big blue eyes and piggy tails came to earth with many unexpected physical handicaps. Struggling to breathe, swallow, and move, she faced challenges with genuine grit and grace, reminding us there is always joy to be found in the triumphs,,as well as the heartaches. Unable to talk, she communicated, speaking volumes about patience, gratitude, hope, and love. She showed, by example, that even a life of struggle can be a happy life. Mallory taught that amazing things can happen when we are willing to go through the process. For that truly is when lives are touched and hearts are softened. We are meant to gain strength through the struggle and, ultimately, come out better having gone through it.