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SKU: 1089158 Seven At Sea

Seven At Sea
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  • SKU: 1089158 Seven At Sea

    Erik Orton

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A New York City family's remarkable story of how they gave up their urban life, packed up their family of seven, and braved the difficult conditions of the Atlantic Ocean as they sailed more than 2,500 miles from New York to and around the Caribbean. They thought of all the reasons why risking everything for a year at sea was a bad idea: they could go broke, get injured, be stranded at sea maybe even die. More than likely, the only thing they would accomplish would be to embarrass themselves. Besides, only rich people sailed the world, right? After all the deliberations, one thing was clear: their children would either be an excuse or a reason. They chose to set sail. Seven at Sea tells the story of a family learning to live together, simply and in harmony with the natural world. In doing so, they learned that giving up control can sometimes lead to amazing adventures. More importantly, they discovered how little they actually needed to be abundantly happy.