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SKU: 1006810 Router Limits Mini Easy Network Add On

Router Limits Mini Easy Network Add On
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  • SKU: 1006810 Router Limits Mini Easy Network Add On

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We all know that along with the good that comes with technology, there is a dark side we must avoid. It is also a big challenge to balance the time we spend using it. This powerful, easy to use, always up,to,date cloud,based technology makes it simple for anyone to use. With a simple plug,in device that brings protection, control, and visibility to all your WiFi devices.

Features include:
Manage screen time like a boss! Set internet access schedules that fit the needs of each member of your family. Pause the internet from anywhere, any time.
Control access to specific websites or categories, hour by hour, day by day. Get protection from pornography and other harmful content.
View web use and browsing history data right at your fingertips. Now you can see what's happening online in your home in real,time even when you're not there.
Pause a device, group, or the whole house for game night, dinner, chores or just because you can.
Enforcing Google and Bings safe search has never been easier. Remove explicit content from their results in a single click.
Youtube restricted mode helps you screen out videos and suggested content from YouTube's search results.
Everyone has unique needs, so you can customize limits by person, age, or job title. Every device can be treated individually, or easily grouped with other devices to create a profile.
Safety and control no matter where they go. Home, school, work, WiFi or mobile data, with our mobile companion apps, for Android and iOS, every connection is protected. (this features is available FREE for the first 30 Days after registering the product and can be continued with a small monthly fee).