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GENTRI follows up their highly successful debut self,titled EP with this greatly anticipated full,length album. This album features their trademark soaring vocals and "cinematic pop" orchestral backing one eight original songs and two cover songs. Their charismatic approach to music comes through in their careful crafting of songs that truly take the listener on a journey, from exciting tracks like "Outbreak" and "In a Blaze," which inspire the best in all of us, to tender love songs like "More" and "Nothing But You. " Their cover of Billy Joel's "And So It Goes" is a moving moment of introspection, and their unforgettable arrangement of "The Rose" revisits a timeless song with a universal message of love and hope.

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Track List:
, In a Blaze
, Soldier
, Enough
, Barricade
, Crystallize
, More
, And So It Goes
, Nothing But You
, The Rose
, Outbreak