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SKU: 1003017 Promise of the Heart

Promise of the Heart
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  • SKU: 1003017 Promise of the Heart

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A group of friends from Benemrito, the famous Mormon boarding school in Mexico City, come together for their ten,year high school reunion and talk about the only thing on everyones minds: how is it possible that David has not ended up with Monique? They were the perfect couple in high school. David did everything right to deserve the girl of his dreamshe served a mission, survived as a new immigrant in the U. S. , forged a successful music career. But while always tantalizingly close, David has never been able to do enough to convince Monique to commit to him the way he has committed to her. As the friends recount the tragic story of unrequited love, David realizes that the real girl of his dreams has been hiding under his nose for years. In a dramatic awakening fueled by dreams and nostalgia, David makes a life,changing realization about friendship, love, and commitment. Rated PG for thematic elements. Includes Spanish and English subtitles.