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SKU: 491266 Profiles in Mormon Courage

Profiles in Mormon Courage
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  • SKU: 491266 Profiles in Mormon Courage

    Hartt Wixom

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In a remarkable tribute to men of true character and valor, Profiles in Mormon Courage chronicles the lives of twelve individuals who had a profound impact on Latter,day Saint history. The stories included in these pages exemplify values and virtues that each of us can emulate to lead richer and more abundant lives, no matter our religious persuasion. In this inspiring volume, you"ll learn of people such as:

Ephraim Hanks, a Mormon pioneer and a respected leader who saved countless lives with his acts of selfless service.

W. W. Phelps, an important leader in the early days of the Church, and of his journey from hatred towards his brethren to sincere repentance and humility.

Ezra Taft Benson, president of the LDS Church and U. S. Secretary of Agriculture, who proved what can be accomplished by living the principles of the gospel , even in the spotlight.

The spirit of these pioneers and the devotion they had for their posterity will inspire readers in their own spiritual journeys.