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SKU: 982726 Preparing for Your Celestial Marriage

Preparing for Your Celestial Marriage
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  • SKU: 982726 Preparing for Your Celestial Marriage

    Mark D. Ogletree

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Have you found "the one"? Are you really ready for marriage? How can you create a lasting marriage?

The eternal significance of the questions of how to find and become a great marriage partner can feel overwhelming. With humor and warmth, LDS family therapist and BYU Marriage Preparation Teacher Dr. Mark Ogletree presents principles of marriage preparation that address the questions and concerns of today's young single adults.

Within a framework of gospel teachings and real life examples, readers are invited on a step,by,step exploration of the path toward wedded bliss. First, cultivate a foundational understanding of the doctrine behind making and keeping temple covenants. Next, develop the dating skills that can lead to temple marriage. And finally, understand how to determine if you've found the person you could spend eternity with. Find inspiration in success stories and cautionary tales as you learn to unravel the mysteries of matrimony.