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SKU: 410380 Personal Scripture Study

Personal Scripture Study
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  • SKU: 410380 Personal Scripture Study

    Gene R. Cook

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In Personal Scripture Study, Elder Gene R. Cook shares spiritual insights he has gained through his lifelong study of the standard works. Using an informal dialogue format, he tells listeners how to search and really understand the scriptures. He teaches how to prepare our hearts to learn, how to identify scriptural patterns, how to ask questions while reading, and how to effectively ponder the scriptures. Elder Cook demonstrates that scripture study will not only enrich our lives, it can help guide us through life's struggles and dilemmas. If you've become discouraged by your attempts to encourage family scripture reading, Family Scripture Study can help! In this lively fireside, Elder Gene R. Cook promises that family scripture study can be made enjoyable and spiritually rewarding,even exciting. Relating insights gleaned from his service in the Church and his own family experiences, he demonstrates how prayer, testimony, music, patience, expressions of love, and even humor can be used to make family scripture study work. Here is practical help for parents seeking to foster greater unity, love, and spirituality in their family.