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SKU: 1024951_P Peace for a Palestinian

Peace for a Palestinian
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  • SKU: 1024951_P Peace for a Palestinian

    Sahar Qumsiyeh

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Sahar Qumsiyeh was born into a loving Christian family in Jerusalem and raised in Beit Sahour, near Bethlehem. Growing up in a country torn apart by political upheaval, Sahar struggled with feelings of hopelessness and anger as she watched her people being persecuted, tormented, and even killed. As a young adult, Sahar received a scholarship to an American university. While there, she was baptized into The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter,day Saints. But staying true to her new faith was put to the test when Sahar returned home to Palestine. In Peace for a Palestinian, Sahar shares her experience desperately searching for peace and joy only to find that true peace lies not in external resolution but in following the Savior. As she explains, "We may live in a place with barriers, checkpoints, and restrictions, but we can feel liberated by His Atonement. " Whether your own obstacles are great or small, Sahar's message will help you discover that the true source of peace and comfort is the same for all of us.