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SKU: 527460 Passage to Zarahemla

Passage to Zarahemla
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  • SKU: 527460 Passage to Zarahemla

    Chris Heimerdinger

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Rated PG,13 for violence and some drug references.

Orphans on the run,Kerra McConnell and her younger brother, Brock,find themselves in the midst of an extraordinary time,travel adventure to ancient America. Seeking help from LDS relatives in the small town of Leeds, Utah, 17,year,old Kerra learns of mind,bending mysteries in the nearby woods where a passageway exists to the jungled world of the Book of Mormon in 19 AD. As this vortex of time is intensified by an earthquake, it threatens to draw Kerra and her relatives into the middle of a massive battle between Gadianton robbers and the Nephite armies of Zarahemla. The only thing that may save them is an alert, intense young Nephite warrior named Kiddoni who understands the secrets that will prevent certain destruction from descending on this modern family, as well as this small Utah town.